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Re: ROLAND GP-8 effects question

This gets into the whole interesting topic of looping and synthesis.  We
had the opportunity this weekend of playing with two guitar synthisizers at
a gig this weekend. We can say is that synth can be extremely powerful and

The Loop Doctors constantly debate the issue of when too much technology is
well, just too much.  Right now we think our hands our full between the
Lexicon Jamman, Vortex and Oberheim Echoplex.  This equipment seems to lead
to different musical "fields" then synthesizers, although both of us think
synths can be really interesting (check out David Bowie's new album with
Reeves Gabriel for interesting pop application of synth guitar.)

In another vein, anybody want to debate that point that if Maurice Ravel
were still around he would be a SEVERE, and we mean severe, loophead?