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Re: ROLAND GP-8 effects question

>hi loopers,
>i have been offered a Roland GP-8 pretty cheap,, this unit was made from
>has anyone on this list ever played through one? or know a source that 
>provide me with info...any info...likes/dislikes would be helpful.
>thanks in advance,

If Ravel and Nancarrow were alive today, they would have day jobs as
statistical database programmers, too stressed by their cubiclized
lifestyle to ever produce a note of music.

The Roland GP-8 was one of the first programmable multi-effects processors.
It was basically 8 boss pedals in a 1 rack unit. I never owned one or
played through one seriously, but what I recall is that you could select
whether the effects were on or off, and set a few parameters for each. It
wasn't particularly noted for its sound, but I did know someone still using
one a year or so ago.

I remember lusting after it when it came out, as it was an idea I had held
for years while the number of pedals at my feet grew and grew. I think
Roland followed it with the even more brilliantly titled GP-16. I wouldn't
pay much for the GP-8, myself. If you are just looking for a cheap effects
box, you would probably do better looking for a used quadraverb or
something. You should give it a try though. Maybe it has just the right
sort of lo-fi magic to work for you.


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