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Re: oberheim matrix-1000

The matrix-1000 is a six voice analog synth with 1000 preset sounds
available. It is basically like the matrix-6, only without any control
interface on it. There are both hardware and software editors available
from third parties to program the sounds to something other than the
factory presets.

I like the sounds of it, and it is a good way to get some analog synth
sounds without paying a lot of cash. It's been on the market for about 10
years now, and is still quite popular for dance/techno stuff. It's also a
reasonably good choice for guitar synth, as the response time is pretty
quick and you can assign each voice to map to a string. I've been thinking
about getting one, but the matrix-1000 has nothing to do with looping.


>hi folks,
>i don't know what the above is or does, but y'all seem to like oberheim
>gear quite a bit. there's one for sale at a local store for $400 or so.
>what's it do? (i remember someone talking about the matrix series a long
>while ago).
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