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Re: Ravel as a looper

>Thanks for your post.
>The intended focus of "looping" for the Loop Doctors certainly isn't
>repetition...but just as you say, harmonic, timbral and dynamic movement.
>As for Ravel...I had a chance to hear his piano piece...Mirrors, a couple
>of weeks ago.  That's what triggered the association.
>The Loop Doctors

I agree. Looping is more than just repetition. You need evolution and
development as well! I went to see the Orb the other night. They're an
excellent example, with elements repeating and changing and coming and
going. There were many moments were a nice ambient soundscape would be
going, with lots of subtle bits thrown around the surround-sound system,
and a few moments later I would notice that a thunderous percussion part
would be going too except I never quite noticed where it came in. It just
sort of built up out of nothing into prominence. It would loop for a while,
mutate, maybe disappear, maybe become something new. The whole performance
was great. The Chemical Brothers also played to demonstrate that a) the Orb
is really good, and b) it is indeed possible to be louder than Metallica
without being anywhere near as entertaining.


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