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Re: Ravel as a looper


Interesting post.

One thought...it is difficult for one player to do theme and development
with ONE looper.

However...throw in more loopers...

The Loop Doctor's employ four seperate loopers when we play live, plus a
pair of Lexicon Vortex processors.  We are trying not to incorporate any
other technology at this point.  Our manta currently is "know your loopers
and your Vortex, and your PA..."  Eat, drink and sleep your machines until
you become like the military man who can break down the rifle in the dark.
At that point the music and the technology should hopefully come together.

One can fade multiple Jammen and Echoplexes in and out to explore
variations on themes, etc.  With two players, there is more time to develop
stuff without dropping the ball.

Also, another thing we've learned: silence and looping go together like the
bee and the honey.  Do not be afraid of silence.  The audience wants a rest
at times.