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Re: microloop experiments with EP-DP

On 8 May 1997 Russell_Gorton@CreatSvc-Ada.CCMAIL.CompuServe.COM wrote:

>      Following Kim Flint's tip, I experimented with extremely short 
>      (fractions/second) by setting the Echoplex Record function to 
>      "SuS"tain mode (where loop length is determined by how long you 
>      the Record button.)  

[stuff deleted]

>      2) I can tap in, say, a 0.12 second loop which repeats as a blurry 
>      wash of tone (remarkably minimal startpoint "popping" depending on 
>      static in the room, I guess)   Then, I effect the crap out of it, 
>      generally with a mod effect set to a slow speed and high depth 
>      (WWWWaaaaaavvvvYYYYYYyyyy ggggrrRRRRRRRAAAAaaaavvvVVVYYYYyyyyy) 

I like to do a similar thing with the Vortex and JamMan.  I use the
Vortex to create short, complex loops with lots of processing.  Then I
feed the output of these complex sound machines into the JamMan, on a
long delay with lots of feedback.  One of these days I'll get
ambitious and figure out how to sync the Vortex to the JamMan...

I think I've described my old autoloopingfeedbackertrick before.
Guitar in a modal tuning feeds short, modulated delay, feeds
moderate-sized loop (feedback, not infinite repeat), feeds distorted
amp.  Lean guitar against amp.  Guitar feeds back.  Feedback is
modulated and looped, which alters the feedback.  Pretty soon, the
guitar starts singing pretty melodies in feedback, all by itself.  :}


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