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Re: Hexapohic pickups

> I dont think the gk pickup was designed to be used as a general 6 output
> pickup that would allow you to do what you wanted with the 6 output
> signals.
> I think you would need a general purpose 6 output pickup to do the trick
> with the mixer. I have no idea where you are going to find such a pickup
> but there has got to be something out there!
> Hayden
> hporter@uakron.edu

I remember Steve vai talking about some kind of stereo polepiece PU that he
had installed in one of his axes to get real stereo separation.  This would
have been around 89 or 90.  Seems like I even saw a little black and white
ad for it.  I can't remember the name at all.  lt seems like you could then
route specific strings to separate outputs.  Does this trigger any memories
for anybody.  I remember that the name of the company that designed it was
totally new to me.  

Forgive me if this was already mentioned, but what about the PAIA Quad
fuzz.  It was designed I think by Craig Anderton, and is still available as
a kit from PAIA.  It splits the guitar signal into for pieces and then
fuzzes them all differently to get that kind of sound.  

Justin Rice