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Re: Hexapohic pickups

Greeting hexophiles,

Although I no longer work for them, the fine folks at Seymour Duncan (and
especially Larry Brooks in the custom shop) daily create all sorts of
strange, on-of-a-kind pickups for all kinds of folks. You don't necessarily
need to be a "rock star" to be able to take advantage of there services in
this area. Although such pickups will definitely cost more than those
 produced in mass, if it solves your problem, perhaps it would be worth the
modest extra expence. 

Their phone number is (805) 964-9610 (Larry's extension is  #1007). Give 
a call. What have you got to lose beyond the price of the phone call? I 
for a fact that Seymour himself has built hex pickups (many years ago now)
for folks like Skunk Baxter and others. Give it a try.