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Re: Re[2]: Sustainers and pickups

<<has anyone tried or considered making an adapter to send those six 
to a mixer and panning them in the stereo field, or sending each string to
a different effect?  it simply throttles the imagination... time to dust
off the ol' soldering iron!
RMC pickups sells a Fanout Box that has six outputs, and other routing
options for hexaphonic systems. It takes the input from their piezo
transducers. Tim Diebert (aka Timtone Guitars), the guy who made my custom
three-output guitar (ala LGX), says he could use a GK-2A as the front end
instead, wiring its outs into the RMC electronics. RMC and Timtone both 
web sites.
As for the VG-8, at present, the only things you can do with separate 
is pitch-shift them (including gliding pitch), adjust their levels (from 0 
full), and/or pan them individually in the stereo field, all of which is
radical enough, but future upgrades or new products could certainly do 
Hammer at Roland with these desires! You'd need two VG-8s to get different
sounds on each string, but pitch-shifting  a single string can yield 
new tones and tonal responses from different models, all of which is
controllable by foot pedal.
Hex distortion is built into any VG-8 guitar model that includes what they
call a "lead emphasis" parameter, which allows you to select between six
separate streams of distortion and a single stream, or anything in between.
Ya'll oughta try one!