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Re[2]: Sustainers and pickups

>A common use is hexaphonic distortion. If you distort each string 
>individually and then mix it together, you don't get the inter-modulation 
>distortion that you get with a normal guitar plugged into a fuzz box. 
>basically means that you can play distortion chords without the extreme 
>muddiness you usually get. 
I'd always been fascinated by this idea, but I thought you needed a 
sepearate speaker for each string.  Can you just distort each string 
seperately and then combine it back into one speaker?
Travis Hartnett
     Yes, the Roland GR 300 has this feature: an hexa magnetic pick up 
     distorts each string than mixes the signal and sends a mono output. 
     The result is a very "clean" sound if compared to a fuzz box.
     Maybe Matthias Grob can tell you more about his experience with an 
     hexa piezo with individual string output and distortion. A very 
     unusual and nice sound.
     Miguel Barella