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Re: Sustainers and pickups

hi all,

this discussion of hexaphonic pickups is extremely interesting and
stimulating, but i don't think i've seen an answer to my initial

does anyone happen to know if the roland gk-2 pickup output can in fact be
used directly as a hexaphonic source, i.e., just rigging up an adapter to
send the six individual strings wherever one pleases?  

hexaphonic thought:  playing a six-stringed part and looping the low E, D,
and B strings in 4/4 in the plex, and the A, G, and high E in 3/4 in the
jamperson (synced w/ midi).  or something.

also, anyone know if the hexaphonic approach is how charlie hunter sends
his low strings to a bass rig and high strings to a guitar rig?  (okay,