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RE: Ravel as a looper

Hayden <hporter@uakron.edu> wrote,

>There are the looped compositions of the 60's minimalist and electronic
>music crowd, Riech, Glass, etc. I think that Pauline Oliveros used tape
>loops in some of her tape compositions.  Tape loops and the various
>techniques of reverse, speed change, were and still are mainstays of
>electronic music even when not using a tape recorder.

that's right ... for those interested, I'd like to recommend my little
"history of looping" essay, to be found on our website - it also mentiones
Pauline Oliveros and the minimalist tape techniques.

Why don't you (and/or the other classically trained loopists) put together
something about repetition (and the beginning of looping) in classical (or
other) music, for the website? I think it is a very interesting topic, and
although I've mentioned classical music in the essay, I couldn't go into
details (also, I really don't know much about it).
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