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Re: feedback differences

This sort of caught my attention a while back, and I only just got around
to asking about it:

At 11:42 PM -0700 5/7/97, Carlos Carrillo wrote:
>I hope to be able to apply some of these ideas of constant evolution to
>my looped compositions. I have some of the tools mentioned in this
>mailing list (Jam-man,
>Echoplex DP, Vortex, Boomerang) and even though I have discovered that
>each has its own endearing qualities. I find myself preferring the way
>looping is implemented in the Vortex and Boomerang. I like the way
>volume (Vortex) and dynamic replacement (added material gradually lowers
>the volume of previous material in the Boomerang) affect the way a loop
>varies over time.
>Lowering the feedback control or using a pedal to alter feedback does
>not have the same effect. I hope to see something like
>this implemented in the Rom of the higher-end units as a user option for
>the future.
>Carlos R. Carrillo

I guess I don't understand why you can't get that same effect with both the
jamman and the echoplex. With the echoplex, turning the feedback down while
overdubbing does exactly what you are describing. As far as I know, the
jamman does that too (although with less resolution on the feedback

The old stuff dies away while the new stuff comes into the loop. That's
almost the whole point of having feedback control!

Is there something you want to do that I'm missing? There are lots of ways
to approach feedback control, maybe I could show you a technique that will
do what you want? You might not need anything special added to the rom, it
might be there already!

let me know if I can help,


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