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Re: Hexapohic pickups

At 10:01 AM -0400 5/8/97, Hayden Porter wrote:
>James Reynolds wrote:
>>does anyone happen to know if the roland gk-2 pickup output can in fact 
>>used directly as a hexaphonic source, i.e., just rigging up an adapter to
>>send the six individual strings wherever one pleases?
>Its my understanding that with the gk pickups the hexphonic signal is
>multiplexed by the pickup and then sent to the midi converter where it is
>de-multiplexed and converted into midi messages.  Please correct me if I 
>I dont think the gk pickup was designed to be used as a general 6 output
>pickup that would allow you to do what you wanted with the 6 output

No, that's not right. The gk-2 does indeed have six discrete analog
outputs, one for each string. There is no multiplexing. I believe there is
also a line with all the signals mixed. It also contains a small on-board
preamp, for driving the lines. You need to supply the pickup with +/- 8V to
power the preamp. The gk-2 works fine for hex guitar applications, which is
why we were making the infinity compatible with it at g-wiz.

Making a gk-2 breakout box should be pretty easy. Same with RMC and other
hex pickups. I might have the pinout for the gk-2 somewhere, I'll look.
Also, if you have an acoustic guitar with bridge piezos, you might want to
take a peak inside. Many of those are also hex, and just get mixed for the

Oh, as far as Charlie Hunter, He just has two separate pickups. One for the
bass strings, one for the guitar. Each goes to it's own output.


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