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Re: multi-track recording to pc

I have used a digidesign Session8 for a long time now (2 1/2 years) and
it works like a champ.  Very reliable.  The software that comes with it
is fairly basic- you'll have to use another software program to do even
simple things like flipping tracks around backwards. 

Be aware that all the usual bitching about analog v. digital applies
here.  One other thing-  close miking the snare will come out sounding
sort of like wacking the bottom of a 3-litre plastic Coke bottle.  I've
never had a harder time in my life getting a good snare sound but when I
compared how the sound coming off the board and the sound coming off the
S8, tears would run down my face.  I think I may have solved that
problem by using my tascam DAT's digital output thru the digi in with
six of the S8 converters.  The tascam sounds a bit better, and is
quieter.  Plus, doing it that way is totally ass-backwards, thereby
appealing to me tremendously.

Also- check out Soundscape's (I think that's what it's called) box- if
tied into a DA-88, you will an eight-channel digital conection.  I don't
know much about that one, so I won't elaborate.

If you have any questions, you can email me privately if nobody around
here wants to here the gory details- although as it does have more than
some use as a looper, perhaps I should do I write up for it and feel
like I'm actually contributing something to the group here (aside from
my typos).