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Re: multi-track recording to pc

On Wed, 07 May 1997 19:55:40 -0700 Kim Flint <kflint@chromatic.com>
>A coworker was just asking me a question that some of you may know the
>answer to. He wants to do multi-track live recording direct to hard 
>disk on a pc. (not a mac) He would prefer to have all the a/d conversion
>externally with a digital link to the pc. He needs at least 8 tracks
>simultaneously, preferably more, so he can mic his drum set and have 
>some tracks left for other instruments. Does anyone know a way to do
>Is there a pro tools equivalent for the PC? External A/D boxes with 
>connections to a pci card? Anything?
A month or so ago in EQ magazine there was a profile on Tuck and Patti
their Sonic Solutions based setup.  My band used this system when we
our cd, and it seems like the way to go with a computer based system. 
It's really
expensive though.