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Re: microloop experiments with EP-DP

Russell_Gorton@CreatSvc-Ada.CCMAIL.CompuServe.COM wrote:

>      2) I can tap in, say, a 0.12 second loop which repeats as a blurry
>      wash of tone (remarkably minimal startpoint "popping" depending on 
>      static in the room, I guess)   Then, I effect the crap out of it,
>      generally with a mod effect set to a slow speed and high depth
>      (WWWWaaaaaavvvvYYYYYYyyyy ggggrrRRRRRRRAAAAaaaavvvVVVYYYYyyyyy)
>      SUPERfun!

Oh wow! I wannit! :) Great FX display, btw.

>      3) A quick tap o' the Insert button (with no incoming signal) cuts 
>      a short space that separates each microloop, producing a continuous
>      pulsation. Dial up a delay time that is some even fraction of this,
>      set the delay feedback to -99%, add some additional live synth input
>      (also effected, but not added to the loop), and you're good to go 
>      a swirling percussive throbbing drone of microloops.
>      Next task: sync the microloops to a 16th-note beat from the MIDI
>      sequencer...the effected microloop is PERFECT for techno/dance/rave
>      applications.  The "default" techno tempo is 120bpm (try counting
>      seconds out loud while watching MTV's "Amp" show sometime...)
>      My goal is an exact 1/480th-of-a-minute loop (sixteenths of that 
>       = 1/8 second = 0.125.  Haven't hooked the 'Plex up to MIDI 
>      to do so straightaway....
>      Way cool, Kim!  Thanks for the idea!  Right after I upgrade to the
>      full 16 Mb RAM, I stop making looptimes more than shavings of a 
>      long |%)
>      --Russell

Thanks for this. Gonna try it out as soon as I have my Plex.