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Lexicon LXP-5 Question

i wanted to say thanks to Kim Flint for the advice on the Roland GP-8...

later today, a guitar player friend of mine will be bringing by a Lexicon
LXP-5,,for me to keep a few days and try out...if i like it ,,,it's mine 
$225.00...i know it doesnt have any "preamp" sounds,,,but my question is :
are these things easy to develop user patches? do i need a MRC.. etc.? does
anyone on this list own one? do you like it?

thanks to all for bearing with my questions,,,as soon as i find another
Effects Processor for my Stick(R) i'll stop bugging you all with my 

I just put a BOSS SE-70 on layaway...but im still hunting for something to
process the Bass side of my Stick,,,and im running pretty low on cash,,as 
rack grows...
are there bugs in the LXP-5 that i should know of? is $225.00 a fair price
for a "like new" LXP-5??? right now im using a Midiverb 3 to process the 

thanks again,

one more thing...Cecil Taylor is pretty much a genius...or demented, or 
i am in awe...