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Re: Lexicon LXP-5 Question

james rhodes wrote:
> later today, a guitar player friend of mine will be bringing by a Lexicon
> LXP-5,,for me to keep a few days and try out...if i like it ,,,it's mine 
> $225.00...i know it doesnt have any "preamp" sounds,,,but my question is 
> are these things easy to develop user patches? do i need a MRC.. etc.? 
> anyone on this list own one? do you like it?

  I have an LXP-5 in my home studio along with an LXP-1. Both sound very
good, but whereas the LXP-1 is very simple and straightforward, the
LXP-5 is a bit more difficult to tweak. To get at all possible
parameters you'll need an external MIDI programmer. Lexicon makes one;
it may be the MRC you reference. I haven't used mine in almost 2 years
as home recording has been put on hold due to band & business demands,
but I recall struggling with the LXP-5 and never quite getting what I
wanted from it. The promise always seemed better than the product. I
used a Mac based patch editor/librarian called Galaxy (I believe), and
even with this couldn't get what I wanted. For example, a patch might be
called "flange" in the manual, but I could never get much of a flange
sound. Also, the pitch shifter produces some disagreeable artifacts. But
hey, the 'verbs and delays sound good, and I got some good chorus sounds
out of it. I did a side by side comparison with a friend's Quadraverb a
few years back and the Alesis couldn't compete with the Lexicon basic
reverb and delay sounds.

> is $225.00 a fair price for a "like new" LXP-5???

  Yes, indeedy.