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Re: Lexicon LXP-5 Question

>later today, a guitar player friend of mine will be bringing by a Lexicon
>LXP-5,,for me to keep a few days and try out...if i like it ,,,it's mine 
>$225.00...i know it doesnt have any "preamp" sounds,,,but my question is :
>are these things easy to develop user patches? do i need a MRC.. etc.? 
>anyone on this list own one? do you like it?
I bought a used LXP-5 and an MRC about 4 years ago for $400. The LXP is a
great sounding and very versatile box, it's a great for short loops (just
over 1 second max) that you can further mutilate via stereo delays, reverb,
and a (IMHO) very good-sounding pitch-shifter. But programming it from the
front panel is not something I'd want to do, it has a very arcane interface
based on 2 knobs and a multi-color LED, no display. Get an MRC if you can,
or some other programmable fader box, or at least a computer editor.

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