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Re: Sustainers and pickups

I _thought_ I'd sent this a couple days ago :-}

Mikell D. Nelson wrote:
> James Reynolds wrote:
> >
> > > The GK-2A pickup sends an ANALOG signal. it is in fact a
> > > hexaphonic humbucking magnetic pickup.
> >
> > neat, i didn't know that!  i have a gr-1 and associated gk-2 that i've 
> > of gotten bored of, but now i'm getting new strange ideas...
> >
> > has anyone tried or considered making an adapter to send those six 
> > to a mixer and panning them in the stereo field, or sending each 
>string to
> > a different effect?  it simply throttles the imagination... time to 
> > off the ol' soldering iron!
> >
> > james
>   I saw a guitar at Brook Mays Music in Dallas a couple of years ago
> that had 1 pickup, a volume knob, 6 pan knobs, and stereo output. You
> could place each string anywhere in the stereo field. Rare, bizarre, and
> I think it was a Washburn or Ibanez.

Motley's description perfectly fits the Kramer Ripley.  Designed by
luthier Steve Ripley, it also had a built-in hex fuzz.  The hex pickup
looks like a conventional bridge humbucker.

This was J. J. Cale's main stage guitar for several years.  While he
normally gigs with a band, in 1989 I saw him perform with only a
percussionist, and he used the Ripley for most of the gig.  If he was
using the stereo capability, it wasn't apparent, but the hex fuzz was on
all the time.  It's very sweet-sounding even with full chords.  Recorded
examples include "Hold On Baby" and "Disadvantage" on Cale's
_Travelog_ album.

Re Kramer:  They also marketed the "Floyd Rose Sustainer Guitar" in the
late 1980s.

Re hex pickups:  RMC Pickup Co. (http://www.california.com/~rmc/) makes
hex piezos.

Also worth noting:  Some K. Yairi acoustic guitars were made with stereo
outputs, with the strings split 123/456.  Some Ovation acoustic guitars
were made with stereo outputs-- with the strings split 135/246.  I
wasn't excited by the Ovation I tried, but I played the Yairi through a
pair of Twin Reverbs, with the low strings clean and dry, but with heavy
reverb and tremolo on the high strings.  It was delicious!
John Pollock
http://people.delphi.com/johnpollock (Troubador Tech)

John Pollock
http://people.delphi.com/johnpollock (Troubador Tech)