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FW: JamMan modifications (sync to MIDI p

My options are limited but I'm thinking about providing a fade at the
loop boundry when synced to MIDI clock to eliminate the pops. The only
problem is you'll hear a short drop out at the boundry. This seems
reasonable and perhaps even usable compared to the current situation.

For the record, the working name for Jamman was MutMax. I really liked
the name but Lexicon management wouldn't even consider using it so I
washed my hands of the entire issue. Believe it or not, "Jamman" was a
big improvement over most of the other suggested names. I still like
MutMax (or the Mut). Oh well.

Bob Sellon

From:  James Reynolds[SMTP:tritone@dsp.net]
Sent:  Thursday, May 08, 1997 12:56 AM
To:  Loopers-Delight
Cc:  bsellon
Subject:  Re: JamMan modifications

Glad to hear the promising developments for the JamPerson ROM upgrade.
Keep up the good work, Bob!

But my number one request for the new version is:  If possible, please do
something about the jarring "pops" at the loop boundary when synced to
MIDI.  After several minutes of this effect, I end up writhing on the
ground, frothing at the mouth...

Thank you kindly,