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Re: JamMan modifications (sync to MIDI p

(mail server weirdness, sorry if this is a repost...)

regarding the jamcompadre's "clicking" at loop boundaries when synced to
MIDI, bob sellon wrote:

> James,
> My options are limited but I'm thinking about providing a fade at the
> loop boundry when synced to MIDI clock to eliminate the pops. The only
> problem is you'll hear a short drop out at the boundry. This seems
> reasonable and perhaps even usable compared to the current situation.

this would definitely be a major improvement over the current situation.

however, you might want to try the method used by the echoplex - setting
the loop time once when recording the loop, and letting it "free sync" from
then on.  one would think the loop would drift noticeably out of sync, but
from my experience that doesn't seem to be the case.  i've had two- or
four-measure loops free sync for a couple hours with no noticeable drift. 
i guess very short loops would begin to drift more quickly, though.

also, this approach makes for seamless loop boundaries in sync mode, which
is very nice for textural loops that have notes decaying over the loop

thanks bob,