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Re: JamMan modifications (sync to MIDI p

James said:
>regarding the jamcompadre's "clicking" at loop boundaries when synced to
>MIDI, bob sellon wrote:
>> James,
>> My options are limited but I'm thinking about providing a fade at the
>> loop boundry when synced to MIDI clock to eliminate the pops. The only
>> problem is you'll hear a short drop out at the boundry. This seems
>> reasonable and perhaps even usable compared to the current situation.
>this would definitely be a major improvement over the current situation.
>however, you might want to try the method used by the echoplex - setting
>the loop time once when recording the loop, and letting it "free sync" 
>then on.  one would think the loop would drift noticeably out of sync, but
>from my experience that doesn't seem to be the case.  i've had two- or
>four-measure loops free sync for a couple hours with no noticeable drift.
>i guess very short loops would begin to drift more quickly, though.

The echoplex doesn't "free sync" actually. It re-syncs to the midi clock
each time through the loop. If it did free sync, it would definitely drift
away from the midi clock. I think the manual has an error on that point.


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