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Stereo Echoplex Problems

I don't know if  anyone else has this problem, but when my two Echoplexes 
connected in stereo, there is complete audio degradation in the slave unit 
five minutes.  Nothing but noise.   The units work great by themselves, 
just don't seem to like being hooked up together.   This has been a great
disappointment to me.  I spoke to Kim about this over two years ago, and he
aknowledged the problem and spoke about the need for an upgrade. In fact, 
claimed the upgrade was ready to go but that Gibson was not supporting it 
that time.   OK, fine, I've been hearing about the legendary upgrade being
around the corner for over two years now.  Now were down to any week now. 
when?  The Echoplex is a great machine, but the stereo part is not worked 
yet and to advertise this capability is just wrong.  To a certain extent,
stereo will work if you're playing live and the loops are flying fast.  But
in the studio, I like to work with the  twin Echoplexes plugged into 
on the console.   Working loops in stereo like this is quite a magical
experience.  Using stereo effects and being able to place instruments or
voice in a wide stereo field beats the hell out of mono looping with
everything stacked on top.   When I build a loop like this, sometimes it
takes a bit of time.  Five minutes goes by very fast.  To hear nothing but
hiss on one channel after working out parts and building a cool loop is an
ultra frustrating experience.   I gave up.  For two years  the promise of
this upgrade has basically been the proverbial carrot on the stick for me.
 Oberheim has not been any help on this.  Now I read that they are shipping
units again.  This just seems ridiculous to me if the problems have not 
worked out.  The manual is also a nightmare of inconsistency and
misinformation.   Any corrections to this?   Sorry I seem so bitter, but 
I've got out of anyone so far are distant promises.   Kim's a lovely guy, 
I wish he'd stop concerning himself about Jamman mods and get on with this
upgrade. Perhaps there are not many others in the same boat as me, so this
situation can drag on forever.  I'm sure that most people buy just one 
    If the update ever does come out, and you want to be amazed, slap 
Echoplex in your rig and check it out.  Quick multitracking the likes of
which you have never seen.  Stereo Echoplexes (with the mythical update and
extra memory installed) are to music what Polaroid cameras are to
photography.   If anyone wants to know more, drop me a line.