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Re: Stereo Echoplex Problems

I'm not sure I understand your problem.  I don't have 2 echoplexes yet, but
hope to soon.  From reading the manual, I surmise that you would feed the
Right audio to one echoplex and the Left audio to the other, and that 
Sync keeps the units synced.  Feedback through a footpedal can either be 
with a stereo pedal, in which case it seems that the audio paths are 
independent, or with a mono pedal, in which case --- well, though I don't
exactly understand how, I think the midi connection between the two
echoplexes somehow takes care of the feedback path for the slave.  At any
rate, how is it that the slave unit builds up hiss?  Are you leaving the
units in overdub mode for extended periods of time.  Even so, why is the
slave (oops..... brother) unit different from the master (older brother?).
 Why wouldn't they both build up hiss.