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Re: Stereo Echoplex Problems

First off, I'd wait for the upgrade before going stereo.  Either that or 
someone at the store that you purchase from hook them up (and show you how
that's done as the manual is vague at best) and demonstrate.  Then just let
that stereo loop play for 15 minutes or so. If it's still going strong, go
for it.  If not, you'll have bumped into the same problem that I have.  (is
their anyone  out there that gets problem free stereo operation ?)  I can't
explain why the audio degrade on the slave unit occurs.  It does tho. It's
not from leaving the overdub button on either.  When I first discovered 
problem,  I sat in my studio and meticulously went over the hook up
procedure.  Where all the parameters had to be set on both units according 
Kim.   In frustration, I started to press buttons randomly, just to see if
anything changed.  Somehow, something worked and the loop did not degrade. 
could go off and have a bite and come back several hours later and it would
still be playing perfectly.  Unfortunately, I could never duplicate the
situation.   Until the upgrade is released, I'm stuck as far as stereo goes
with the way I work.   I realize that everyone involved is working hard at
completion, but there's a holdup somewhere and the wait is driving me nuts.
  Other than that, I love the Echoplex.