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Jamman pages and loops


Forgive me if I seem dense but I wanted to understand this pages and loops
concept in the new software a bit better. I was just pondering practical
applications of all this and since all we have so far are descriptions of
this stuff, I just want to make sure I understand. Are the pages basically
what the loops are called now, in the current software ? Is the size of the
page (start and end points ) the first thing you determine or is the page
size determined by the size of the longest loop on that page? Do all loops
on a page start over at the beginning of the page? The loops on a page seem
to be like layers or overdubs that are controllable, undo-able, etc. I
assume that each loop on a page can still consist of several layers as they
are in the current software.  How is the memory allocated, can you start
with two 8 second pages first, which means you can only have 2 loops per
page, or if you have an 8 second page then you can't have any more pages
because the memory is being held aside for the 4 loops on that page ?  It
would seem more practical to sync the pages to each other, rather than
loops on a page,
allowing each page to be it's own length, maybe subsequent pages being some
relationship to the first page, especially if loops on a page are only as
big as the page itself, ie. if they start over at the beginning of the
page. Using multiple pages probably won't be very practical until if and
when the memory can be expanded.
Keep up the great work!

Thanks again  Ed