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Hey Bob, wanna trade?

Ok, so, the JamMan has been out 1 year longer than the Echoplex, with nary
a mention of upgrade ever. Lexicon even goes so far as to chuck the whole
thing. JamMan users are understandably sad.

Then along comes Bob, who says, "Hey guys, I'm workin' on a software
upgrade in my spare time! What do you think?"

JamMan users, with renewed joy and bright happy smiles, exclaim, "That's
wonderful Bob! You're the swellest guy in the world!"

....and all is lovely in JamManLand!

Meanwhile, in Echoplexia (which has been around one year less than
JamMania, as previously mentioned), where it always seems to be raining and
maybe a bit gloomier than most places, Kim, Matthias, and Eric say, "Hey
guys, we're working on a software upgrade! We're even spending all of our
spare time, using up our life savings, maxing our credit limits, and
destroying our personal lives to do it for you! What do you think?"

And then we run for cover as a horde of raving Echoplex users gives chase,
screaming "Well where the @#*&% is it? Why aren't you done yet? We want it
now and we're going to stamp our feet and hold our breath until you give it
to us!!!"

And I'm so proud! My motivation just soars!

Hey Bob, wanna trade places for a while?

:-)  All of this gets a big smiley, of course (-:

Now if you all don't mind, I'm not answering much mail at the moment since
I'm a little busy testing stereo functions and such. Please just take a
deep breath and go play with your reverb for a while. We'll let you know
when the cookies are done and make all the appropriate announcements. In
the mean time, I'm remaining quiet so as not to make vaporware problems any
worse. And maybe, just maybe, I'll actually get some work done.....



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