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Re: Hey Bob, wanna trade?


i guess i need to apologize, as one who has been cajoling in this area. i
thought (apparently incorrectly) that obie/gwiz employees were working on 
'plex upgrade. and that kim, matthias et al. had moved on to other jobs, no
longer working for obie. i also kinda inferred from the faq that this thing
was basically in the can.

since i started this message i got kim's latest reply to my mail from
dean-looks like i've been barking up the wrong tree(or at least the wrong

again, apoligize for any impatience i have exhibited and/or encouraged on 
upgrade. your previous work has been exceptional (i suppose only 
by marketing timing) and extremely well thought out. i'm sure that the same
concern and genius is being applied here again, and for that i(we) are