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Re: Technique and Looping

>Has anyone else noticed this?
>The more time I spend looping, the poorer my manual technique becomes.
>  However, my musical judgement and sense of orchestration increase.
>While the more time I spend playing with a band in real time, the
>better my manual technique becomes (to a point).  However, my musical
>judgement and sense of orchestration in a live setting seem to benefit
>from looping.

Since I got into looping, my sense of rhythm and tempo has improved
dramatically. If your tempo drifts while recording a loop, it's hard not to
notice when it jumps from the end back to the beginning! It forces you to
be better.

Just hearing your own playing coming back immediately is a great education.
Somehow, when I'm playing I am able to imagine that it sounds pretty good,
and ignore some of the little mistakes. I can't ignore it when I listen to
it loop! It gives you instant feedback about the mistakes you didn't even
realize you were making.


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