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It's Alive!!!!

In case y'all didn't notice, Looper's Delight has been dead the past week.
My internet service provider was having some sort of "problem" that
required numerous phone calls and emails to correct. It seems to be fixed
now, with no explanations or contact at all from the powers that be.....

It's actually sort of funny. I received personal mail from the president of
my ISP, telling me that our little list was responsible for causing his
servers to have a total meltdown. He shut us off himself! He said we
constituted "abuse of their servers." As if!

Then, a few hours later, I get another email from him saying that it wasn't
our fault after all, we just happened to be sending mail when the Big Crash
occurred. Seems he and his sysadminions neglected to turn us back on and I
got to call his customer support people every day and listen to horrible
fuzak "on hold" music.

ah well......

Sorry for any inconvenience, and Welcome Back!


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