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various & sundry

Dear Cyclical Ones,
                                  I recently finished reading Charles
Rosen's book titled
"The Frontiers of Meaning- Three Informal Lectures on Music" Published
Hill & Wang circa 1994 (145 small pages). The following statement(back
seemed more "loop"  oriented than I could avoid relating to this group.
          " Even more than literature and the visual arts, music can
never be
arrested by any system of analysis or interpretation, either formal or
It is natural to look outside or beyond the music, to find the ways in
which it
can temporarily and provisionally assume different kinds of
Nevertheless, music will not acknowledge a context greater than itself-
cutural or biographical- to which it is convieniently subservient."

             Also wanted to mention for those who might be interested
and not know
already that Robert Fripp will be touring with the G3 tour this summer
from the
17th of June thru the end of August across the U.S. contributing
to the program. Check your local listings for times and locals (In
Colorado the
word is it will be at Red Rocks...date to be announced).

              Loop On....

                              Bryan Helm