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Michigan Stick Trio CD

resending this...... 

Sent:   Thursday, May 15, 1997 08:55
To:     'Loopers Delight'
Subject:        Michigan Stick Trio CD

The Michigan Stick Trio is proud to announce the availability of
their first CD, General Chaos and Natural Order. The disc 
contains 13 tracks, five of which use looping. Two tracks
(While Not Done and Seascape) are solo loops. Spring Thaw,
Chunk  Funk and Ripples use loops in combination with non-looped
instrumentation. Technology Triumphs has a looped drone (which I am
not really counting as a loop). 

The web page (http://edict.com/mst/) is not in place yet, but
should be "real soon now" (it contains a link back to the 
Looper's Delight page when we talk about looping). 

You can order by phone from Oz's Music in Ann Arbor, MI 
(http://ic.net/~ozmusic) by calling this number 313 662 8283, 
as of Friday. If you are in the area, you can stop by either of the 
Oz's music stores. We may have another more generally available
distribution channel available "real soon now". 

Or, you can email me, and we'll work something out.

thanks for reading this far

Pete Gilbert