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Re: Sustainiacs

>Any of you out there have the chance to mod the Sustainiac gadget to
>word with non-strat guitars?  I own too many guitars, and not one of
>them is a strat.  That last thing I need is another guitar to haul

I don't know about the sustainiac. I've seen the Fernandes Sustainer
mounted in other guitars though. Neal Schon has a whole bunch of PRS
guitars with it (and GK-2's) built in. The hard parts are getting the
pickup sent to you from Japan, and finding someone who can competently
install it. It has to be placed in a precise location in relation to the
other pickup or it doesn't work right. I think Gary Brawer in SF did Neal's
guitars. Lorenzo at Klein guitars told me that he installed a sustainer in
a klein and it was a big pain. I guess it worked though. He successfully
talked me out of doing that to my Klein guitar. (which I just finally got a
couple of weeks ago, and which I can confidently say is the most beautiful
and simply the best guitar I've ever played, totally worth every cent)

>I am thinking in particular of an Ibanez Talman- while the thought of
>routing out enormous cavities in my '63 Jaguar is tempting :) I think I
>will be able to ignore those urges.

I'd put it in a cheap guitar. I actually bought a cheap fernandes just to
get the sustainer....

I don't know anything about the new sustainiac thing yet.


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