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Re: Ordering JamMan memory

Jeff, et al.:

Regarding the chip type for the JamMan, Greg Hogan once wrote:

>Subject: RE: exact jamman memory specs?
>From: "Hogan, Greg" <GHogan@lexicon.com>
>To: Loopers-Delight <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>

>>Stew Benedict asked:"Does anyone have the exact spec (generic part 
>number -
>>whatever) for the Jamman "zip" memory?"

>The answer is 1Mega Byte x 4 bits at100 nanoseconds or faster 20 pin zip
>style DRAM, quantity 4.

>Best regards,

>Greg Hogan
>Lexicon Customer Service

Now, the listing on the visionsoft page says they have:

1x4-70ns Static Column Zip
(A3000 Fast RAM)

The only question is 70ns fast enough since Greg says we need 100ns or
faster? Are these visionsoft chips 20 pin? Anyone?

Sean O'Donnell

Jeff Schwartz wrote:
> I was looking at the JamMan stuff on the Looper's home page and I was 
>  if
> anyone has ordered JamMan memory from www.visionsoft.com. If so, exactly 
> chips did you get? They seem to have several that will do the job 
>(accoding to
>  Greg
> Hogan's info on the JM memory page) for extremely cheap ($9.95 each!) 
>but I am
>  not
> sure exactly what's what with chips and wanted to check with the vast 
> wisdom of the list...
> --
> Jeff Schwartz
> jeffs@bgnet.bgsu.edu
> http://www.bgsu.edu/~jeffs/main.html