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Dork with a DOD nees help

     Greetings form Boris. I'm 15 and have been playin geetar for about 3 
     years now.  
     I'm very new to looping, but I really love doing it. And I need some 
     tips, tricks ect. 
     My equiptment is really crappy. I use a DOD 4 second delay/sampler 
     my looping duties. I really enjoy doing Frippertronics type things 
     with my Ebow and volume controll. I also use some crappy chorus 
     a Boss Heavy Metal pedal, and a Crybaby 535 wah pedal. My guitar is a 
     Peavey Preadator the I modified with new pickups, tuners, ect. And I 
     painted all over it.
     My main Influences/inspiration people are:
     Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Tom Morello, David Torn, Syd Barrett, Lou 
     Reed, Bill Bruford, Tony Levin, Jamie Muir, Dave Brubeck, and the 
     Any interesting artists/bands I should hear? Any looping tips? 
     Boy I really sound like a dork.
     I probably didn't send this to the correct address. Sorry. I'm a dork