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Re: Doctor Nerve's Loop Machine (fwd)

Yes! That's fun!

It ran rather badly on my computer, but I certainly got the idea. (they
shoulda used beatnik.....)

I've talked with some folks about sonifying the looper's delight site. Any
java programmers out there want to make us a loop machine? Anyone want to
contribute audio?

It would be cool if we had loops from different folks on the list to sonify
pages and buttons and stuff. And some interactivity would be great. I don't
have any time to organize it really, so if anyone wants to help out, please


>I just got this note from Doctor Nerve's Nick Didkovsky:
>---------- Forwarded message ----------
>If you have a Java-enabled Web browser, check out:
>Loop up to 8 different sounds, with independent loop times. Create layers 
>audio your neighbors will love.
>Rock on,
>Doctor Nerve Home Page:

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