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Re: Doctor Nerve's Loop Machine (fwd)

> I've talked with some folks about sonifying the looper's delight site.
> java programmers out there want to make us a loop machine? Anyone want to
> contribute audio?

Alas, Java only handles 8kHz mono .au format, at my last use of it...
Otherwise I'd been fiddling with it for a while.  There's a routine I'll
put on my area sometime soon if you like, that I tested a while ago, using
up to 8 separate .au files, mixed together and randomly implemented... 
But, without Stereo, sound is still a novelty act on any PC in my opinion. 
We can thank the Sun folks, or UNIX, or just Java-in-general for this
little problem.  So no amount of Mac vitriol or side comments need apply.  

> It would be cool if we had loops from different folks on the list to
> pages and buttons and stuff. And some interactivity would be great.

Perhaps a rotating, er, LOOPING list of some of our work would be in order
for this...  I'm starting to wonder if the routine talked about might be
the same one - but not being able to get into the site, one can only guess.
 I get a Site not Found message.