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Re: Doctor Nerve's Loop Machine (fwd)

At 11:11 AM -0700 5/29/97, Stephen P. Goodman wrote:
>> I've talked with some folks about sonifying the looper's delight site.
>> java programmers out there want to make us a loop machine? Anyone want 
>> contribute audio?
>Alas, Java only handles 8kHz mono .au format, at my last use of it...

Java in conjunction with the Beatnik plugin gets around this quite nicely,
I believe. I played with a couple sites on the headspace example page that
did this quite well. (and no, you don't need the mac only headspace file
format editor, so don't get all bent about that again :-)

>But, without Stereo, sound is still a novelty act on any PC in my opinion.
>We can thank the Sun folks, or UNIX, or just Java-in-general for this
>little problem.  So no amount of Mac vitriol or side comments need apply.

I think the original intent for java was more for embedded processors,
which is probably why it's not so hot for multimedia web stuff. Besides, I
don't think I've ever heard of anyone using Sun workstations for audio of
any sort, so what do you expect? (a little Sun vitriol, just for variety)

>> It would be cool if we had loops from different folks on the list to
>> pages and buttons and stuff. And some interactivity would be great.
>Perhaps a rotating, er, LOOPING list of some of our work would be in order
>for this...

That would be cool. Keep it from getting too dull with the same thing

>I'm starting to wonder if the routine talked about might be
>the same one - but not being able to get into the site, one can only 
> I get a Site not Found message.

It was sort of lame interface-wise. It has 8 sets of boxes where you type
in the number of the audio file you wanted and the length of its loop time.
It would then download the audio file and loop it, in a slightly garbled
fashion. A list of audio files, presumably recorded by Dr Nerve, followed
the java applet part.


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