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Re: Klein Electric Guitar

Warning: No loop content follows, aside from the distant connection to
other loop artists playing similar instruments. Total guitar geekiness is
all you'll find here:

At 7:46 AM -0400 5/29/97, Jon Durant wrote:
>Hey Kim, you got a Klein????
>Way to go. Just got mine as well. My brother Kingsley and I will be 
>playing at

Yeah, I didn't want to come on the list, jumping around like a little kid
saying "I got a Klein, I got a Klein!" But since you just did, heck I'll
join in.....

I first played one at summer NAMM 2 years ago. I was just blown away. You
pick up the guitar and it just sort of melts into your body, leaving your
hands exactly where they should be. It's so comfortable and easy to play,
its just amazing.

And the tone.....the harmonic content is like nothing I've ever heard. It's
just so rich. And the sustain is so good you hardly need a sustainer
pickup. I can play chords right up to the 24th fret on mine and it just
rings out perfectly.

I got mine with the resonator cavity, swamp ash body, Guatemalan Rosewood
neck (single piece, no fretboard), transtrem, and two Joseph Barden
humbuckers with a Barden single coil in between. I custom designed the
electronics for myself, based around this monster 4 pole 5 position switch
and three push-pull knobs. (the knobs are vol/vol/tone) I've got 20
combinations between coil splitting, phase, and pickup selection, plus all
the variations from tone/volume changes.

I picked out the wood myself, (well with Lorenzo's help) which was fun.
Klein is in a barn in Sonoma, in the California wine country. Spending a
day hanging around on the Klein farm picking out guitar wood and puttering
around Sonoma is a day well spent!  The neck piece is really something. If
you balance it at the 12th fret and tap on it, it rings out like a marimba
or something. The guitar is really light, which the right thing to do for
harmonics and sustain. And the grain across the top and fretboard is great
and very beautiful. Through the triaxis/2:90, this guitar sounds 

My girlfriend designed the paint scheme, a transparent purple wash that
fades between bluish purple and reddish purple. All the cool grain patterns
are visible under it, and it's really quite stunning. This is why it took
10 months to build mine, since Lorenzo had to go through 3 painters before
he found a guy that could do it! He nailed it too.

The only down side of all this was that all the customizing resulted in me
winning the prize for "most expensive klein Lorenzo has ever sold."  My
wallet still hurts. But I'll be playing this for a long time, so its
totally worth it.

Sell your car and buy a Klein. Your not gonna want to leave the house after
you get it anyway.....


>Any guitarists out there in loop land owe it to themselves to check out 
>guitars. I know they look odd and cost a bunch o' money, but I have to
>tell you
>that I've never played anything that felt and sounded so good. It's 
>changed my life: where previously I'd pick up the guitar once every few
>days to
>play because I needed to practice, I now pick it every time I'm waiting 
>for a
>large document to print, or when I know I'm going to be on a long phone
>call--just to work my fingers. And the sound. Wow. I can't believe I've
>the rootbeeer guitar (my PRS of the last five years, 2 records) but I have
>without regret. (Sorry, Bonni...)
>Jon Durant

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