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Re: Klein Electric Guitar

Hey Kim, you got a Klein????

Way to go. Just got mine as well. My brother Kingsley and I will be 
playing at
their booth at NAMM--should be a gas. Especially since we haven't really 
together for more than about an hour in, oh, 12 years or so...

Any guitarists out there in loop land owe it to themselves to check out 
guitars. I know they look odd and cost a bunch o' money, but I have to 
tell you
that I've never played anything that felt and sounded so good. It's 
changed my life: where previously I'd pick up the guitar once every few 
days to
play because I needed to practice, I now pick it every time I'm waiting 
for a
large document to print, or when I know I'm going to be on a long phone
call--just to work my fingers. And the sound. Wow. I can't believe I've 
the rootbeeer guitar (my PRS of the last five years, 2 records) but I have
without regret. (Sorry, Bonni...)

Jon Durant