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Re: Sustain

Although I use myself a lot a my fernandes with the VG-8, because of the
sustainer, let us not forget the E-bow. It still provides incredibly
controlable sustain (between other things). Of course it is monophonic,
but, most "feedback aamp" are mono harmonics. Now as far as sustainers are
concerned, it is clear that I don't only use the thing to provide wistling
harmonics for dive bombing or whatever. The use of a raising octave
insides clean chords or a raising 5th (in fact, the 17th) is extremely
effective. The effect is fully contrlable too (even not as much as an
"E-bowed" note).
And then there is this new sustainiac coming... Which seems to offer
mostly the best of both worlds, according to the notice I got from them...

Olivier Malhomme