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Re: Sustain

Olivier said:

>, price are going, depending on the options around 400 to 500
>bucks, I think (because I don't have the listing of prices with me.

That's crazy.

>You have threebuttons and a knob. One is bow button "momentary burst of
>string propelling sustain (a la E-bow?). An overtone button, you press it
>to emphasize fundamentals, and again to emphasize overtones. A Susuatin
>button tp press to get the things working continuously, in conjonction
>with a drive knob that settles the level of sustain.

It's been asked before - how does an EBow _work_??  I've always assumed
it's just a low frequency (eg 10Hz, or something similarly inaudible)
magnetic field generator (oscillator & coil) which effectively magnetically
"strikes" the string.  I'd guess it's too small to sense the string in any
way.  If so, is there any reason why a similar cct couldn't be used to
drive, say the neck pickup?  Failing that, how abut taking to output from
(say)) the middle pickup, amplifiying it and running it into the neck
pickup?  That would even allow the setting of a "feedback sensitivity" pot,
and basically simulating the effect of standing in front of a good amp. And
all for less that $500!!! My electromag is a bit weak in these areas
(worrying, since I tutor 2nd-year electromag!) - does any of this sound
feasible?  I'll probably try dissembling my old Squier Strat's pickups over
the weekend to try driving a pickup from the lab. Sig. Ge.   I'll let you
know how I go.


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