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Re: Klein Electric Guitar

>Warning: No loop content follows, aside from the distant connection to
>other loop artists playing similar instruments. Total guitar geekiness is
>all you'll find here:

I'm sure that's cool - after all, (a) it's your list, (b) sometimes LD
seems more like Open Minded Guitarists Anonymous.  Which is also cool.

>I custom designed the
>electronics for myself, based around this monster 4 pole 5 position switch
>and three push-pull knobs. (the knobs are vol/vol/tone)

Anyone know of any 6-pole switches (better still, pots) around?I've been
thinking (one day...) of using a passive filter network tuned to 12-fr.
frequencies on each polepiece on the brifge pu as a neck pu "simulator". 
That way I could bet all the sounds I use on one pickup.  I could then use
the other pickup slots for sustainers etc....

>I've got 20
>combinations between coil splitting, phase, and pickup selection, plus all
>the variations from tone/volume changes.

How easy is it to move around those variations in a hurry, eg in 

>The only down side of all this was that all the customizing resulted in me
>winning the prize for "most expensive klein Lorenzo has ever sold." 

Is it the most expnsive ever?  Do you know who has that?  (I'm betting
Michael Hedges)

>Sell your car and buy a Klein. Your not gonna want to leave the house 
>you get it anyway.....

Unfortunately, base price Kleins cost more than my car...


PS Congrats to all Klein owners.  We, who are _not_ about to buy, salute 

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