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Re: Klein Electric Guitar

100% loop free:

At 9:04 AM +0100 5/30/97, Dr M. P. Hughes wrote:
>>I've got 20
>>combinations between coil splitting, phase, and pickup selection, plus 
>>the variations from tone/volume changes.
>How easy is it to move around those variations in a hurry, eg in 

I designed it with that in mind, its not so bad really. The switch/wiring
scheme is rather complicated in order to minimize the effort to switch
things around. The five position switch gives
neck/neck+mid/neck+bridge/mid+bridge/bridge. Mostly I just switch that.

I have two volume knobs and a master tone. As the selector switch is
changed, the knobs are effectively rewired so that they do what is
intuitive for that position. So the neck-pu volume knob does volume for
both the first and second positions, bridge-pu knob does volume for fourth
and fifth positions, and they are both operational for the middle position.
The tone knob operates for everything.

Each knob is also a push-pull switch, doing the most obvious thing for that
knob. The bridge volume pot, when pulled out, splits the bridge pickup to
make it single coil. The neck volume pot is the same. The tone knob, when
pulled out, puts whatever pickup combination I've got selected out of
phase. That was the most complicated part of the design, because it has to
get radically repostioned in the circuit depending on which pickups are on.

Mostly I just use humbucking sounds, so I'm just changing the pickup
selector. Going to a single coil sound usually just means flipping the
selector switch to whatever position and pulling a knob. The Klein is very
well designed so that the controls are easy to get to, and my setup is very
intuitive for me so I don't have to think about it.

>>The only down side of all this was that all the customizing resulted in 
>>winning the prize for "most expensive klein Lorenzo has ever sold."
>Is it the most expnsive ever?  Do you know who has that?  (I'm betting
>Michael Hedges)

Well, first off, Lorenzo German owns and operates Klein now. Steve Klein
didn't want to do it anymore, and had closed the company a few years ago.
Lorenzo was working for him at the time, and I think Steve owed him money
or something, and Lorenzo got the company as payment.

Guitars custom built by Steve are probably a lot more expensive then my
guitar. I think the Michael Hedges harp guitar was a custom job by Steve,
not really by Klein guitars. I'm sure it was expensive. Steve also makes
acoustics with some sort of magical bracing he designed. Those go for
$15,000 - $20,000 I think. That's way more than I paid!


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