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Re: Sustain

At 2:26 AM -0700 5/30/97, Dan Howarth wrote:
>i don't know how it works, but on the Ebow note... i remember an interview
>with a guitarist (i want to say adam jones from tool) who said that he
>used a walkman with reverse button engaged at various (but close)
>distances to the pickups on a distorted and already feeding-back guitar to
>achieve similar sustain effects. something about the winding mechanism in
>the tape player and the batteries?
>i remember trying it, though - without the distortion (at the time) and i
>think i actually got something out of it. anybody?

It's the motor interacting with the pickup that you hear. I think
adjustable vibrators are better for this, since  a) you can control the
pitch with a little knob,  b) people are much more likely to notice you on
stage, depending on the model you use,  c) also useful for the Spinal Tap
cucumber trick,   d) Dave Navarro and Reeves Gabrels do it that way so it
must be cool, and  e) numerous other handy uses around the home.

You can also use the audio output of something like a mini tape player to
drive the pickups. Last time I saw Buckethead, he was using a little Star
Wars toy to do this. He'd push the little buttons and Chewbacca would yell
through his amp.

great source material for loops, I think....


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