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Re: Sustain

I've just managed to track down and try probably the only Fernandez
sustainer in Glasgow.  Here's my reaction:

1.      WOW!
2.      Whilst the contols seemed utterly barmy, I think it goes like 
        When the sustainer is off, the mid and br. p/ups work via the 
        blade switch.  When the sustainer is on, the mid p/up is disabled 
        only the br. h/b works.  The sustainer on/off is the 2-way toggle; 
        pots are vol, tone and sustainer sensitivity. There's a 3-way 
        but I've no idea what it does.  Kim, Jon etc, could you confirm 
3.      WOW!
4.      When in sustainer mode, the output from the mid p/u is amplified 
(by an 
        amount governed by the sensitivity) and drivien into the neck p/u. 
        means you can play a note and, just like with real amps, if it's 
        enough it'll cause feedback.
5.      WOW!
6.      This means you sound like you're standing in front of a _very_loud_
        Even though you're laying through headphones.  I could replicate 
        effect that always attracted me to Boogies, without getting thrown 
        of my apartment.

What utterly amazes me is just how _easy_ it is to play probably my
all-time fave guitar solo, RF's "Firepower".

However, the guitar is going (used) for $900.  No way.  I've got to build
me one of these....  somehow!

(still in shock)

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