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Re: Sustain

At 5:33 PM +0100 5/30/97, Dr M. P. Hughes wrote:
>2.      Whilst the contols seemed utterly barmy, I think it goes like 
>        When the sustainer is off, the mid and br. p/ups work via the 
>        blade switch.  When the sustainer is on, the mid p/up is disabled 
>        only the br. h/b works.  The sustainer on/off is the 2-way toggle;
>        pots are vol, tone and sustainer sensitivity. There's a 3-way 
>        but I've no idea what it does.  Kim, Jon etc, could you confirm 

The 3-way toggle switch is fundamental/2nd harmonic/upper harmonics.
Fundamental is more ebow like, sustaining the actual note. The upper
harmonics position is more Jimi-in-front-of-cranked-Marshall.

>However, the guitar is going (used) for $900.  No way.  I've got to build
>me one of these....  somehow!

I've never gotten around to checking out the circuit in mine, but I suspect
it is pretty simple. They just take the signal from the bridge pickup,
filter it, and use it to drive the neck pickup in reverse. Just as strings
moving in the pickup's magnetic field produces an ac voltage at the output
of the coil, applying a signal voltage to the coil output will cause the
motion of the magnetic field to move the string. NotRocketScience (tm). You
need to make sure you get the pickup placement right so that you drive the
string in phase.


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