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Re: Klein Electric Guitar

Kim wirtes-

>My girlfriend designed the paint scheme, a transparent purple wash that
>fades between bluish purple and reddish purple. All the cool grain 
>are visible under it, and it's really quite stunning. This is why it took
>10 months to build mine, since Lorenzo had to go through 3 painters before
>he found a guy that could do it! He nailed it too.

Lorenzo's been having trouble finding people to do the job *right*. Mine 
is a
chamberd spruce which a former finisher had dropped something onto, and 
than fix the very small ding, he simply laquered over it... But it's a
wonderful, natural color. First time my wife's ever seen a guitar and said 
looks nice". My four year old son was there when it came, and he looked at 
and said, "daddy, why did David Torn send you his guitar?" Trans-trem, same
pickup config as Kim's, but with standard electronics. And I'm running 
through a
Mesa Maverick, and, yeah, it sounds amazing. My two jammen are getting a 
like they've never had before!!!

Right, back to loopage now.